I am Gurya aka Sehar. I love cooking and of course eating. I loved food so much that I ended up gaining weight. That is when the doctor inside me screamed, “I need to find a way to cook healthy food that I can actually enjoy.” And once I decided to eat healthy, cooking healthier came naturally to me 🙂

Being a physician, I am obsessed with the prevention of diseases. It breaks my heart everyday seeing young obese kids admitted to ICU because their blood pressure is out of control!! There are so many young people on dialysis and others are getting amputations because of uncontrolled diabetes and obesity. It’s painful to know that this misery could have been prevented simply by eating healthy and doing a little bit of physical activity.

I came up with an idea to share some of my healthy recipes  and tips through a blog. Its not only a place for those who are already obese. Anyone can benefit, including people who want to get rid of a few extra pounds and those who want to prevent gaining weight. So, welcome to my kitchen!!

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